Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An after-the-fact swap....

So often it seems I want to start a quilt once it's way too late to finish it in time.
I realized last week I REALLY want to do a Halloween quilt. (Guess when I'll realize I want a Thanksgiving one as well...)
So I thought of an idea.
How about a fabric swap of Halloween fabric, but do it after Halloween.
That way, we can buy our fabric inexpensively, and we'll have a WHOLE YEAR to finish up the quilt!
{Note: I may repeat this swap for Christmas and Thanksgiving if anyone's interested....}

  • The mailing date will be November 7. This gives you a week after Halloween to pick up your fabric and cut your squares.
  • You'll send 20 8" squares of 2 different prints to me with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. It will take slightly less than one yard of each fabric. (Note: you will be sending 40 squares total--20 of one fabric and 20 of a second fabric)
  • Please make sure all your fabric is 100% cotton, quilting quality Halloween prints with NO licensed characters (scooby doo, spongebob, etc.)
  • International participants are welcome, but please try to mail a little earlier than November 7 if you're shipping internationally.
  • In return you will receive 40 8" squares (out of 20 different prints, so you will get 2 squares of each print). I think this size would be ideal for a disappearing 9-patch quilt, or a cheater-triangles quilt.

The swap is open to the first 9 people to sign up. To sign up, please comment on this post. Please, please please leave your e-mail address or comment and then send me an e-mail. It's important that I have a way to contact you.



  1. Yes please! I want to get in on this little bit of swapping fun!
    krousegirl2 at aol dot com

  2. I want in! jmballman@gmail.com

  3. I'll join in! evelyn.chambers at gmail dot com

  4. Hey this is a GREAT idea!! Count me in please
    Edna dena789 at hotmail dot com

  5. Wendy, this is such an awesome idea. I don't have time now to participate on this as i have a few on going projects that need my attention. But i do hope you will organize this again for Christmas! That would be so much fun and i would have time to participate in that! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  6. Wendy,
    I stopped in at JoAnn's yesterday and they had about 12 bolts of Halloween fabric left. The choices were very very slim. just fyi

  7. I just really don't like Halloweeen, but I LOVE the idea! If you do it for other holidays, especially Thanksgiving, I'm DEFINITELY interested!!