Sunday, February 13, 2011

A functional project!

Now, let me warn you.  If you don't have small kids, you may not care for this.  
But I was trying to fix a problem at my house.

You see, whoever installed the towel bars put them really high.  Like eyebrow level.
And in my kids' bathroom, this is a problem.  The girls were pulling on the towel to reach it, 
and inevitably it wound up on the floor.  And they were too short to put it back.

I don't like towels on the floor, so I came up with this solution:
Towels that CANNOT fall off their bars...

Take a piece of fabric and cut a piece 9" wide, selvedge to selvedge.
In this picture, mine is folded in half.

Fold it up in half, remove the selvedges.  And cut off the corners so you have this shape.

So you will have 2 identical pieces, approximately football shaped.
Place them right sides together and sew around the edge, leaving a 3" opening for turning.

Clip the rounded edges.  Turn right side out.
Topstitch around the edges, being sure to catch the opening and sew it closed.

Lay your football on your towel.  Now, since I wanted the kids to be able to reach the towel, I put the middle of the football about 2/3 of the way down the towel.  And my towel is folded in half lengthwise in this picture.

Pin it in place.

And sew a rectangle in the middle, going through both layers of towel.

Tie the ends around the towel bar, and Poof! Presto!
no more towels on the floor!

I know it's not terribly attractive, but it works.


  1. LOL -- Good solution! We have that problem, too.

  2. Aren't you it!

  3. nifty! at our house the towel bar is used as a chin-up bar. We've replaced it MANY times :)

  4. Cute idea and the "bow" is precious for a little girl's bathroom. For a more grown-up touch, how about making a coordinating tube on the end with a velcro closure. You could even sew a pretty fringe to the top of the tube so that it makes a more elegant presentation. This would, of course, require that the bar be high enough that the entire length of the towel could hang without dragging the floor. Or, simpler still, just sew a velcro strip to the end and about 3-4 inches down, fold over and, voila.