Thursday, July 29, 2010

i - spy progress

Here's some fun pictures of the I-spy swap packages I've received so far.  This is so much fun to get the packages and look at the wonderful prints.... so I thought I'd share the joy!

Monica's blocks.  Love the crayons and vegetables!

Kim's blocks.  Can you see the cool zebras in the top right block?  Awesome.

Mimi's blocks.  Love those owls.  Have I told you how cool I think owls are?  Well I do.

My blocks.  Can you see the little orange traffic cones?  Very cute and tiny.

Careese's blocks.  I'm especially partial to the clothes in the middle.  And the coffee cups.

Linnea's blocks.  More owls!  And robots!  they are so cute.

Jodi's blocks.  More robots.  I'm crazy about robots too!  and sharks.  My daughter is thrilled about this one since we went to the aquarium last weekend.

Caroline's blocks  -- check out the Monopoly money!  And the buttons!

Linda's blocks.  Check out the fire truck!  And the kisses!

Ramie's blocks -- that's sushi on the top left-- so cute!  And I want yards and yards of that one with the apples and pear.. so cute.


  1. What a great variety we'll be getting!! If I remember right, the apples & pears was one I bought at JoAnn's.

  2. Oh fun, wish I knew about this... I just started a small collection of these myself... what size are you all doing? They are all lovely collections!! Have Fun!

  3. Thanks for being so patient with this "newbie". I just hope my 4X4" squares are cut exact enough. I'm seeing so many favorites already--the mushrooms, the Dorothy red slippers, the crabs, and all of the owls. They remind me of my time as a Chi Omega in college!

  4. If you look closely, the sharks on mine are actually robotic sharks with sunglasses! I'm not sure if they're supposed to be airplanes or submarines. Some of them look likes planes and some like submarines. Either way, they're cool and unique! I figured nobody else would have that fabric.