Monday, October 10, 2011

Fuddy is not (quite) Duddy Challenge Piece

I like a good challenge.  Especially when it involves miniquilts....

The requirements were to use brown, green and burgundy + one color to make a modern mini quilt.

Well, here goes:
I added mustard.  I certainly didn't intend to add mustard, which is think is rather fuddy in its own right.
But when I pulled out my solids, it actually fell into the pile, and it seemed nice.

I pieced it to take the shape of a rock formation.  You know, those ones that seem to be a zillion years old but look like they could fall over any time?
I wanted it to have a sense of teetering as if it could fall, but wouldn't.

I tried to also modern it up in the quilting.

You know I love machine quilting, right?

This was a very fun project.  
Thanks so much to Cheryl for hosting this challenge!

What's next, Cheryl?  How about mauve and country blue?
Actually, I'm not sure anyone or anything can modern those up.....

I'm linking this to the challenge.  Click on over and check out the other entries!


  1. I love love your mini! It's not fuddy or duddy and boy does that machine quilting add a spark!

  2. OH, I wish I could quilt like that...very modern and cute : )

    Please consider linking to my blog...I have begun a new Monday link up for small quilts like your mini!

  3. your mini quilt looks great! nice machine quilting!

    i agree, i don't think country blue or mauve should be used in a challenge. some things are better left alone... :)

  4. That is awesome! Seriously.
    Hmm, Amanda Jean is right. Country blue? At least we didn't say forest green and rose?

  5. Wow, well done! I would never have thought of mustard, but you made it work beautifully. Love the FMQ!

  6. I love the quilting design for your little quilt. It's perfect!