Monday, October 24, 2011

Shoe clips. Really, shoe clips!

I decided I needed some Very Cute Shoes for a wedding I'm going to.  Now, I am not afraid of high heels in general.  But have you see how high the heels are this season?

 For example, I thought these were darling.  Ordered them.  They arrived -- darling.  But wait.....
Yep, that's right.  The heel is 6 inches tall.  Guaranteed that I would break an ankle on the dance floor.
(I returned them)

So I started thinking.  I have a perfectly comfortable pair of black high heels (by high I mean 3 1/2 inch heel).  That I can walk in.  Dance in.  But I needed a way to jazz them up.  

I remembered shoe clips.  From the 80's, yes.  And I started experimenting.

Here's the tutorial I used for the flower.  I didn't go to all the trouble she does in the tutorial for the backing piece, just hot glued it to some felt and called it good.

I bought some shoe clip hardware on etsy.  Here's who I bought mine from.  They arrived quickly, they stay on my shoes, they don't hurt my feet.  Enough said.

and for the wedding, I went with vivid yellow!  
For these I alternated satin and chiffon and it gave the flower a nice texture.

Best of all?  I have Really Cute Shoes for about $10.  That I can walk in.


  1. That totally sucks that you bought shoes that you can't wear but I love love love the yellow clips you made!!

  2. Those are just so so SO much better than the old clip-on earrings I used to use on my shoes in the 80s. And more comfortable I'm sure. I have a pair of 6" heels that I couldn't resist, but they are most definitely not walking shoes, they are tottering from one seat to the next shoes, and standing still looking good shoes. They are most definitely not going down hills shoes! I don't know how women walk in them and conduct a normal day, I surely don't.

  3. LOVE it!! Yellow is the hottest color right now. Be sure to post pics from the wedding!

  4. 6 inches! My "high" heals are about 2 inches tall and super chunky. :) Love the clips.

  5. So adorable....nope can't do heels too much any more...

  6. Beautiful! Love the blue one.
    The link to the tute took me to a Bert Costume, though.

  7. So glad I spotted this at Suzys linky. I have been wanting to make some shoe clips but wasn't sure what clips to use. I already added some to my cart on Etsy. I would love for you to join my weekly linky, fri-monday come strut your stuff.

  8. Are shoe clips comfortable for all-day wear? They seem very popular at weddings!