Sunday, June 7, 2009

Amy Butler fabric giveaway winners!

That's right, winners.
You people are so lovely. You have such wonderful ideas of things to do to rescue this poor fabric from the abyss of my stash. So there will be 2 winners.
Lara and calicodaisy, you are the lucky winners of the Amy Butler fabric. Send me your address, and I'll ship it off to you! Please, please, please when you use it, send me a picture or something and I'll post it or link to it or whatever. It will bring my heart joy!
So as long as you're here, fellow fabric lovers, I'll tell you the rest of the story..... get a cup of tea and pull up a chair, ok?

So I bought this fabric for my little girl's room, I told you that. I bought it on a Bad Day. You see, my baby was premature, and I bought it when she was about a week old, after I came home from visiting her. She really waasn't doing well that day, and I decided to make myself Feel Better by buying fabric. Because some things you just need to make better by buying something Pretty. So I bought the olive/white stuff masquerading as pink/brown (3.5 yards of it!!), and as an afterthought I bought some Amy Butler Henna Paisley on sale on etsy from the same seller. It made me feel better that day, but much worse when it arrived!
But oh well. .... and by the way, my baby girl is better, did come home from the hospital not long after, etc, etc. And here's the fabric I actually did her room in:

Yep, the bottom is the Amy Butler Henna Paisley I bought on a whim.
Good thing I bought it that day.
Another day I'll post a picture of her bedding I made. I thought it was rather crafty.... but I'll let you be the judge of that!


  1. Those are gorgeous colors fabrics! I am so happy to hear that your baby girl is better. :) Hope you had a good weekend and love to you and yours!

    p/s: congratz to the lucky winners!

  2. Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! I am so excited to win! I will definitely send you a picture of the dress I make for my lovely little princess. BTW, I love what you chose for her room! My daughter's room is pinks and browns. Love those girlie colors!!!
    Thank you so much!! :)