Tuesday, June 23, 2009

wonky log cabin quilt tops

I know I promised Star Wars pictures... getting to them, I promise. Today I've been playing with wonky log cabins. Love it! Each is about 30-ish inches square, and they are going to make awesome baby quilts.
So if you have never played with wonky log cabins, they are so much fun. I always love to play with black and white. I think a quilt made of squares like this would be great. One huge square based in red, one blue, one yellow, etc. Hmm... like I need another project right now!

For those of you that are in the Texas panhandle, I'll have a booth at the Canyon July 4th show. Please, please come by and see me!


  1. I think a rainbow spiral log cabin would be awesome!

  2. looks like they are super cute and super fast!!

  3. SO cute! Would you happen to have a pattern of this quilt? Or be able to tell me measurements of the different pieces?