Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another giveaway of sorts in which Wendy asks for your input

I promise there's a giveaway. Just keep reading.
Well, friends, I find myself in a pickle today.
Today's creation is in the picture above. It's a little blankie for my daughter.
It's cute! And monogrammed!
But... I seem to be in a rut. You see, I don't have boys. But I'd like to create wonderful, beautiful things to sell for boys.
So here's the deal.
Give me a suggestion on how I can make this both utterly fabulous and appropriate for a little boy. Let's assume I can find the silky fabric in just about any solid. And the furry fabric is available in red, green, yellow, blue.

Oh, and there's a prize as well! For the best suggestion, I'll make one of these for you.
For a boy or a girl. Monogrammed with whatever you want.

I'm counting on all of you....


  1. There are so many possibilities, but might I suggest Dallas Cowboys/Texas Aggies/TCU frogs/Houston get the idea! Certain diehard fans go nuts over their teams. Play up on their passion! (notice I left out a certain team located in Austin...)

  2. How about A sweet cow jumping over the moon fabric in soft colors with the furry fabric being a soft yellow or blue! With different size and color taggies of the side! I love these little taggie blankets. I had bought one awhile back for my sweet little nephew and he has loved chewing on all the ribbon!

    I just love the fabric choices you picked for this girl!

  3. It seems your furry fabrics come in the basic primary colors, why not a patchwork of those? A little more work, yes, but primary colors say little boy to me.

  4. I have three nephews, all of which I see on a daily basis and I can give you this much advice...


    It was a bit hard for me to see exactly what it it just a blanket with little tags? What are the tags for (purpose)...

    Maybe if you could make tags that somehow velcro it could transform into a cape?

  5. My little boy has always loved trucks and cars - fire trucks, construction trucks, police cars, race cars, you get the idea. I'd add a little black and qhite with a splash of colors. But I have friends who just had a baby boy and they're all about baseball. Go figure!

  6. Also, boy fabrics like bugs, camo, etc. would work well. Also, solid colored fabrics with "boy toy" embroidery rather than initials. Easy to customize for a few dollars more...

    I love the quilt idea, Carol, and the cape idea, nettielouise! Both very creative.

  7. Another quick idea, rather than the tab-chewies, what about using quilt "sculptures." You know, a car, a bat, a truck, a baseball, a football, a choo-choo train, etc. They could be themed - sports, transportation, little boy toys, puppies, etc. - or eclectic. That would make it easy to do the solid fabrics with monogram without being bland and boring.

    K, one more idea, for little boys, instead of using the silky and furry fabric, what about fleece and flannel? Lots more "boy" choices there.

  8. I can't wait for you to make some little boy items! I loved the camo idea and the nursery rhyme idea. James would love loving on one of these little blankies. He's a sucker for that fuzzy fabric. I have no original ideas...just encouragement for any darling boy things!

  9. have you seen those adorable rocket/orange/blue fabrics? her etsy shop she sells some, blue would go good with it :)