Sunday, November 21, 2010

A quilt for a little one...

A friend had an early baby last week.  
Very early.
13 weeks early.

Both mom and baby are stable, but they needed a quilt, don't you think?
My daughter was early, and I remember that feeling of not having anything around you to acknowledge that she had arrived!  
Usually you have the baby around, but when you have a little one in the NICU that no one can see or hold or visit, it's different.

So I wanted it to be bright and happy, and it HAD to have her name on it.

Can you see her name?  It's in the green stripe, in the quilting.

a bright pink backing.  and loopy quilting.

Hoping she's at home soon.


  1. That's beautiful, and such a lovely gesture. I see the quilting of the name. So pretty. I'm sure her and her mommy will love it.

  2. Oh....what a fun blanket, the mom and baby will love it!