Thursday, December 16, 2010

Need a last minute gift or party favor?

This week I remembered that I was in charge of party favors for my daughter's preschool.
I didn't want to do candy.  
I wanted to do something handmade. 
Preferably something that my daughter could help with.
And less than $1 per child.
Eek! Steep order, yes?
Here's what we came up with.
Christmas ornaments

We bought empty ornaments (look for the plastic kind)
And my daughter (4yo) filled them up with stuff:  glitter pompoms, tiny jingle bells, and some amazing stuff I found at the dollar store called "table scatter" that was really tiny foam glitter trees, snowflakes and snowmen.

We filled them up, glued the top on with some E6000, wrote each child's name on the ornament (with a Sharpie) and I tied some ribbons through the top and added a loop for hanging it up.
They were lovely and sparkly!
I love glitter!
And.... total cost? About 70 cents each.  
Plus a really fun project with my daughter!


  1. I love projects that kids can help with!


  2. Oh...what a fun project and the kids will cherish them for a very very long time..

  3. Nice idea, quick and easy, perfect for kids and the elderly.