Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nail polish

**Note:  this review is my own personal opinion.  No one gave me anything to say it.  The link will take you to the product on amazon but I don't make any money off of it at all.**

Ok, I realize this has nothing to do with quilting at all.

But sometimes I find something I like a lot, and I want to share!

I started reading Kristie's blog Blushing Basics a while ago, and she has a lot of good ideas.  I am not really a "beauty" girl because I don't have time to be and it's not my thing.  But I like good product recommendations because it saves me time and money.

My daughters like to paint their nails, and I enjoy the time that lets me spend with them, so I've been painting my nails pretty regularly.  I love this product, Seche Vite top coat for a few reasons.

1.  It dries fast.  Meaning it dries in the time I can convince my 2-year-old to sit still for her nails to dry.
2.  It keeps my nails from chipping as fast.

I think you can find it at Sally Beauty Supply.  Mine came from Ulta and I had to hunt for it and it was $10, so I suggest purchasing it on amazon where it's just under $7 including shipping.

And just for fun, here's what my girls and I did to our nails today:


  1. I love the picture of all your nails! I have two little girls as well (and a baby boy too) and anything to make the nail drying time faster is a good thing in my books!!

  2. hi Wendy! it's kristie from blushing basics! saw your link in my referral list so i thought i would click through since i didn't recognize the domain. thank you so much for the shout out and i am so glad to see that you like this product.

    sometimes i am a little over-enthusiastic about products but i am glad to see that other people like them just as much.

    thanks again and keep up the good work.

    ps. just joined via GFC


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  4. Have used this for years. Great product. Here you can actually get it at CVS also.