Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Puzzle time!

I love rainbows, and I love a color wheel.  
So you can imagine I was super excited when I found this puzzle!
I ran into it completely by accident at my local WalMart.  
It's a wonderful way to teach the color wheel in a tactile way.
Also good for teaching the names of some of the more complex colors (chartreuse, for example)

I'm sorry that I can't find a link to it anywhere, but it was in the toy section of WalMart for about $14.
The pieces interchange, so my kids have had fun not only constructing a "proper" color wheel but also creating designs and flowers and such.


  1. This is BEAUTIFUL! I love how it's a toy, but it's also a work of art too. Imagine how handy it would be for designing a quilt by putting colors together. Mom and kids can have fun with this!

  2. OH My Gosh! I love that!!! Oh man, I want one lol.