Tuesday, September 15, 2009

how about jeans??

Well, friends, I have a ton of quilt stuff to post. Promise I'll get to that.

But first I have a problem: JEANS.
I need a pair of jeans, friends.

You see, I have a precious 6 month old.
My old jeans don't fit anymore, and I'm not sure they are going to.

And it's getting to be jeans season.
And I just was in a dressing room trying to decide if a pair of jeans were really unflattering. And then I remembered I don't have time anymore to go try on many pairs... so I need some direction.

So can you help me out? Do you have a pair of jeans you absolutely love?
Can you tell me about them or where I might could find them?
I should probably mention that I'm short. A little over 5'3". And I have a really long torso, so really low rise jeans look like they are trying desperately to escape. Which they probably are.


  1. I love the Old Navy Jeans in the Sweetheart cut- nice rise and the are long enough for me.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Karen Kane jeans (Macys and Dillards) as my dressy jeans because her regular length is long enough for me- I'm 5'9''.

    Also, I like the Gap jeans but I wont pay $60 for them and they rarely go one sale in the long length.

  2. I always have luck with Gap jeans. I just go in the store and pick out 15 pairs since they are all made so differently. What size are you? I've got several pairs that are too short that you might be able to hem up...just a thought!

  3. I really love the Gloria Vanderbuilt brand of jeans. They can usually be found at Kohl's and I am guessing that they come in a petite if you need it. Plus, they're not super expensive, either.

  4. For me it is Gap. The curvy fit ones fit in all the right places us mommies have! Love the fit. And super flattering. I go to the outlet though...can't afford full price.

  5. I've been looking for the perfect pair of jeans for 32 years. Recently, I bought some Lucky jeans - they are my current fave. I have a pair of $12 Arizona jeans (J.C.Penny's) from 2001 that I break out now and then. Then there's the "mom jeans" from Chico's that I wear when I want to feel extra high waisted and dorky. And I have two pair of Gap jeans (curvy) that are too big in the waist and too tight in the rear that I wear when I want to feel like I'm still slightly trendy. So I wish you luck...it's hard to find a good pair when you are rushing around. That's probably how I ended up with the crap I have!