Friday, September 11, 2009

my 9/11 scarf...

I have nothing profound to say.
But, fellow crafters, I thought I'd put out a picture of my 9/11 scarf. I crocheted it 8 years ago.
I sat in my chair all day in my tiny Detroit apartment, glued to the TV. Horrified.
It's as long as I am tall. It's not fancy.
It's one of the only pieces I've ever crocheted.
And when I see it, I am reminded that somedays we craft to get through, to make the best, to survive.
Some days.


  1. Good thoughts - we are all crocheted a scarf - I stayed up most of the night, also with my little TV on in the sewing room. I still use the small quilted tote bag made during those long hours. The colors I chose were dark green, golds, reds and browns...because they were "comfort" colors. Like you, it is a reminder. A label inside documents it was made the night of 9/11/01. Our guild hosted a quilt historian and designer recently and she said we should include information on our labels & what we were doing at the time for future generations. Perhaps you might attach a small label to your crocheted piece? Thank you for sharing.

  2. thanks for sharing that.
    that morning i was sitting on the couch nursing my 6 day old baby girl and listening to my 2 boys play in the bedroom.
    i remember the thoughts of disbelief and not even really sure what i was seeing or what it meant.
    it's good to remember and to honor the men and women who gave their lives that day.