Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mint Chocolate Chip challenge

So a while ago I got an order for a sage green and brown baby quilt. I started from a Michael Miller sage and brown check.

And then I asked my mom to pick up the coordinating dots on a trip to Oklahoma. She was really kind and got me more than I had asked for. Probably because no one was going back to Oklahoma soon and estimating yardage is sometimes not my gift......

I was very thankful and I decided to show my appreciation, I'd be sure to use every single last scrap of it up. So here's what 2 1/2 yards of Michael Miller sage and brown will do!

1. the original quilt. I love it. Zigzags are awesome!

2. Had some leftover blocks from the quilt, so they got transformed into "car seat blankets" That's what I call a blanket that's the right size to use in a car seat but not so big that it falls off or drags the ground. These are quilted and backed in minky. One white, one green. Cause that's what I had around here....

3. Still had scraps. So I made them into 3 loveys. I have a show in a couple weeks, and I think they will be nice to go in it. All the are backed in the rest of my green minky.

So I ended up with one scrap. It's about 2" by 6". I think it's ok to let that one go!

Oh, and my husband thinks all of it looks exactly like mint chocolate chip ice cream......


  1. What great fabric! And I LOVE that quilt!!! Is the ziz-zag design difficult?

  2. What are the dimensions of the rectangles you used on that quilt?

  3. It totally reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream AND charlie brown!