Saturday, November 21, 2009

Last call for Fall Swap and Christmas Swap!

Hey friends,
So it looks like we will have enough people to do both the fall swap and the Christmas swap. But there's still room! So tell your friends and your neighbors, your readers, your lurkers, and all your fellow quilters--you can still sign up by commenting on this post for the fall swap and on this post for the Christmas swap.

As before, I'll post the details on the fall one once we know how many participants there are.


  1. Hope your having a wonderful weekend! I will email you soon. :) Love ot you!

  2. Wendy, are we sticking with 5.5 inch blocks for the Christmas swap? I want to get started cutting...I know the number might be different than 16 of each fabric, but I just wanted to get started...thanks.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving.