Tuesday, November 24, 2009

opinion needed, please!

Hi friends,

I'm working on a wall hanging for Christmas. (inspired by this quilt) It's really important to me to get it done this week before I decorate for christmas, so I pushed this project in front of a few others I need to get done. But now I've run into a problem. Help!

Going to put this in my living room.

The high heels are mine, then next to me are some manly elf boots for Mr. WendyCity. Then below are little girl elf shoes for my girls. It's about 40" square.
I have the blocks made and edged in red. The rest is just laid out on top so you can see the choices......

Here's choice #1:

and here's choice #2--adding lettering across the middle. I'm not sure what color I'd do it in, maybe the blue snowflake print that's in my skirt, or maybe the white background? I could applique it, or I could monogram it..... monogramming might be easier.......

I'm not sure if I like the lettering since it kind of takes away from the quilt-ness of it.... but I like that it makes it personal to our family. Then again, it's already pretty tailored to our family....

Please weigh in. Lettering or no lettering? Applique or monogram? And what print or what color? Thanks friends!


  1. No lettering. Just my opinion. Looks wonderful without it.


  2. I think I like it with the lettering. And done in white so that it shows up good. Either way it's very cute!

  3. No lettering...although it will be great either way.

  4. I vote for either no lettering...or a shortened message. Maybe just "Merry Christmas"

  5. No lettering - it's in your living room so everyone will know it's your family anyways. The simplicity of the no words option is lovely, with words it looks a bit like a Christmas card :)

  6. You are too darn talented! That is the cutest quilt I've ever seen! I vote no lettering.

  7. It is so cute!! Go without the lettering b/c your girls will have different last names when they get married and might not be as willing to put it up in their home if it has a different last name.

  8. oh so cute! i vote no lettering

  9. If you do lettering, I think I'd rather see it in a different place...like maybe you could put each of your names on the bottom of each skirt, or on the pants vertically for hubby...and then just do names...

    It is a bit hard to read on the patterned background...

    I think you could do it either way...

    You could even embroider different sayings and pieces that velcro on/off, so you can change it as you like...with lettering or without...at your own whim...

  10. Tough call. I like the idea of lettering, but agree with the previous comment about it being somewhere else. Maybe a top or bottom border? Or you could do the other suggestion of monograms for the names on each pair of feet?