Monday, November 16, 2009

Turkey Swap!

Ok. well, it's a little bit of a turkey title. I was starved for good ideas.....

So some of you have asked about a Thanksgiving swap. And I'm game if you are!
(there will definitely be a Christmas one as well. See my next post, ok?)

So... thanksgiving fabrics. How about we generalize this to fall? Fall colors and patterns?
I'm concerned that there won't be enough specifically Thanksgiving fabrics to go around.
So... oranges and greens, browns and deep reds and yellows. Leaves, pumpkins and plaids! hooray!

If you are interested in a Fall square swap, please leave a comment. The details will depend on how many people are interested on this one...... but it will involved blocks, probably in a 6" or 8" size. Mailing date will be around December 8th.


  1. I would be interested!! Sounds like fun!!


  2. I will do it if you get enough interest. I really wanted to do a fall quilt this year but the cute fall fabrics were gone SO fast!

  3. This one too!

  4. Well it's spring here but I'm sure I can find some yellows, reds and oranges. Please count me in. I'll have a nice warm quilt for next winter!!

  5. I would love to be in on the fall swap!