Friday, December 4, 2009

Zig-Zagging my way on through....

Remember this quilt with the elf feet? You guys were so helpful, and I really appreciate it!
You see, I really felt like I HAD to put the lettering on it, but I didn't really want to. For one thing, it was going to take forever! So I'm glad I asked, because most of you guys didn't think the lettering was a good idea. So I left it off. And I'm so pleased with it!
I basted it first, and then went back and zig-zagged around each piece. This was a Bad Idea. I mean, it's going to work out fine, but I'm turning a whole basted quilt around in circles to get around each elf foot.... well, you can imagine.
But it's nearly quilted, and the binding is made, and so.... almost done! So I hope to have a finished picture up soon!

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