Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A treasure hunt....

I'm cleaning out to move, which means I'm running across all sorts of treasures I had forgotten I have..... so here's today's treasure: a measuring stick holder.
It was made by my paternal grandmother. Her name was Millie, and she could sew anything. She could knit and crochet as well. She was thrifty before thrifty was cool, and my dad remembers being sent as a child to go fetch some piece of furniture out of the dumpster so she could recover it!

Anyway, she made one of these for my mom, so I always remember it sitting my mom's machine. And when Grandma passed away, I inherited hers.
It needs a little bit of repair work, but I'm up to the challenge. I like it.
I was blessed to have 2 grandmothers that were amazing seamstresses. I like to have their things around my sewing table--I'm hoping some inspiration comes from them!

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