Saturday, February 6, 2010

Window treatments and crib sheets!

These crib sheets have been around a while.
Used them with both kids, and they had some stubborn stains and were generally dingy.
But I found a solution -- pink dye!
$1.50 at Jo-Ann's and about 30 minutes, and voila!
Fancy new crib sheets!
But just a note, if you don't want to have hot pink hands the rest of the day, wear gloves.

So I wanted to be able to construct the valance to match the bumper, and then leave it up to match her big-girl room. So here's her valance.
It's super simple, but I like the tulle to make it extra girly. This would be an easy, cheap way to embellish a ready-made valance as well! This is a standard window (36") and it took about 4 yards of the light pink and 2 yards of the dark pink.


  1. oh my goodness, that is so adorable!!! i love the tulle on the bottom part. my 2 yr old little girl would absolutely love it!
    great job!