Sunday, April 25, 2010

a get-well quilt

{I have to ask you to forgive my vagueness in this post. Some of this information is not mine to share....}

One of my coworkers is very ill. And I've been thinking over the last year that I really should make him a quilt. I decided finally that a better option would be to get the rest of my coworkers together and we could combine forces to make him a quilt. I wrote a tutorial for a plus-sign block after seeing this quilt . I thought the block was lovely, and it would be possible for a person who had never sewed to create this block if they had good instructions.

So I sent out instructions to my coworkers and hoped for the best! Here's the final product:
Here's my favorite block. Love that batik, and the black and white is fab!
Here's the back.
And a folded shot. The blue block on the top was made by my husband, who has never touched a sewing machine. He tested the instructions for me. He's a good sport.
Here's the first 26 blocks. These were all returned to me within a week of asking! I work with fantastic folks.
Here it is on the machine, getting quilted up. I quilted it very, very heavy since I knew it would be machine washed often because of germs. There's a lot of thread in this one!
And here's my layout before sandwiching it up. For fabrics, I simply requested that the background be a green or blue solid or print and the plus sign be a black and white print. I love how it turned out!

If anyone would like the instructions, I'd be more than happy to send them to you. Maybe someone else would be able to use them for the same sort of thing!


  1. What a great group effort. I think there is something magic in quilts that have been made by many hands. I know your co-worker will feel the love every time he wraps up in it.

  2. Lovely! And picturing Robert sitting at a sewing machine makes me smile :)

  3. It's very handsome and I'm sure will be appreciated. Such simple things we can do to bring joy to someone in need.

  4. What a wonderful project for your co-workers to work on for the man to receive. Your directions must have been really, really clear to have such nice results! I'd enjoy seeing them so I could learn.

  5. This is so cute! The pattern and colors go brilliantly together. Thank you for sharing your lovely blog; keep up the great work, we look forward to seeing more from you in the future.