Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Help, please! (Flamingo style)

I'm working on a wall-hanging, with the directing being "flamingos". So far I've fussy-cut 12 flamingos and then log-cabined them (is that a word?) into blocks of varying sizes with the logs being bright prints. and I've also made a scrap border of sorts.....

now, nothing is trimmed up. I set it on various pieces of white fabric to give you an idea. The chunks of border are not sewed together or trimmed either. And it's not properly arranged because my younger daughter keeps flinging the blocks around every time I look away to pick up the camera!
But what do you think? I was planning on putting a white border on each block then trimming them to be all the same size. Then adding the border (top and bottom only? all 4 sides? no border?) Then adding another skinny white border (maybe not? maybe a color?), then binding in a black and white print. (no? color?)
And here's a closeup of blocks. Like I said, not trimmed. Photos aren't even focused. Things are going to the dogs around here...... :)

Thanks for your thoughts!!


  1. I vote for white border around each block, trimmed then sewn together. For the quilt border what about doing a small pieces of all the colors (kind of like how you have them lined up at the bottom of the first photo. Goodluck!

  2. What about a pink sashing to bring out the color of the flamingos, then a skinny white or black border and then the piano keys border. And black binding, maybe even the black & white dotted fabric you have in the blocks.

  3. i like white border and i LOVE pieces border. but i guess it depends on how big a wall you are hanging this on...good luck!

  4. Wonderful! I would have to vote for white border. It give the eye a chance to rest. Looking forward to seeing it all finished!