Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bow time!

Today I had a non-sewing project, and I thought I'd share it!
I love when my younger daughter takes a nap and I get to spend time with my older daughter.
It's just special time!
Today she made a macaroni necklace and helped me with hair bows I was making for her and her sister.
I love when we can sit across the table and work together!
So we made some pumpkin clips.  I purchased the pumpkins as is at hobby lobby for $1, and so it was just a swipe of glue and a clip and those were done.  
Then we made some princess-y bows.  Around here we like to have a big bow (for single ponytails) and a set of 2 small ones (for pigtails).  And since I always end up buying a roll of ribbon, it works out ok.
Then we made some clips with flowers and feathers.  She's super excited about these. 
Then I got brave and deconstructed some flowers so that they would not be as tall on the clips.  I like these better!
Then we made some more....
and more....
And a couple of clips that mommy will borrow occasionally.
You see, once you get out the giant mess and heat up the glue gun, you might as well make a few!

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  1. The bows are gorgeous! It looks like so much fun to make.