Thursday, September 30, 2010

Making the same mistake twice...

Making mistakes is normal and human and expected.
However, making the same mistake twice is downright excessive!
I was working on this little jacket for my 18 month old for Halloween.  
No pattern, just tried to cut around a jacket she has.  All fine until we got to the sleeves.  I did the right one first.  It's cute.  Even a little gather at the top to make it puffy.  
That's when I got cocky.  And set in the other sleeve.
And.... well, what would you call that?  Inside out?  Backward?  

"Grr."  I muttered and got out the seam ripper.  Cursed myself for not basting it first.  Cursed myself for the short stitch length I used.  

Got it all apart.  
Then I really thought about it.  Carefully put it together.  Sewed it again. 
And did the exact same thing.

"Grr.  Grr!"
So now I think that I have perfected that mistake.

Side note:  anyone want to guess what my youngest is going to be for halloween?  
(that is, assuming I can manage to set in a proper sleeve?)

Hoping your day is seam-ripper free!


  1.'s like my latest Frock by Friday Fail with the backward sleeve. Only I didn't do it that way twice. I got the solids in the mail a few days ago.

  2. I would laugh harder, but I have done this!! Drat those sleeves! ;0)

  3. OMG been there! I made my son some shorts and kept putting the pocket on wrong...and I have no idea what the costume is going to be. Can't wait to see more!

  4. You should be getting my solids today or tomorrow.

  5. Don't beat your self up, we've all done it. I usually do it when I in too much of a hurry. By the way, I love your Blue roses.