Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some stuff I really like right now.....

The small ironing board I rescued from my sister-in-law's garage sale pile.  
It fits perfectly next to my sewing table and I love it!  I don't have to set up the giant ironing board and the cord to the iron runs safely behind furniture where little hands can't reach.

the perfume I bought with my birthday money.  After spending a weekend trip with a friend who wears this scent, I decided to get some for myself.  Everywhere we went strangers commented on how intoxicating she smelled. {It was true} And so happy birthday to me!

yellowbox flip flops!  They really ARE that comfortable!

Activity books out of the Target dollar section!  My daughter loves them, and they're a dollar!
They are color inside as well.  So awesome.  Did I mention they're a dollar?  I've also seen some nice ones at Dollar Tree, if your Target is already sold out.

jeans.  I've been on a search for really great jeans for a long time.  I finally found some.  
And so I want to share.
Cause I like you!

I found these at a resale store nearby.  
They are thick denim to camouflage flaws and stuff, 
but still have a little stretch.  
They fit well and don't gap in the back.  
They are cute, but still age appropriate.  
In fact I think they would be age appropriate on anyone!
They are Citizens of Humanity style kelly#011 stretch.  I've since found a second pair on ebay for $12.  
{happy dance}
You know, I want to have fabulous jeans.... but I only want to pay about $12 for them, don't you?

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  1. Those flip flops look really comfy. I haven't heard of that brand and will have to keep my eye out for them!