Saturday, April 2, 2011

Check it out! A congrats and a giveaway.....

So I'll confess that I "strongly encouraged" my sister-in-law into entering a contest.  And I encouraged our cousin to "strongly encourage" her as well...... cause I knew she had it in her to do a great job!

She's made it to the top 75 entries in the Michael Miller / Spoonflower design contest.

The top 10 are decided by VOTES, so that's where she needs your help!  And if you vote and tell her about it, she's giving away a fat quarter bundle of Riley Blake Love Birds.

To go to her blog, see her entry, vote for her and enter her giveaway, click this link.



  1. Hey Wendy! I voted for her, even without the giveaway as incentive ... loved her design! Congrats to her and great advice, sis!!