Friday, April 15, 2011

Nervous as a cat in a car.....

I have something great coming up tomorrow. I get to teach a quilting class.
And I'm thrilled.
And a teeny bit terrified.

You see, my profession is teaching.  Math. In college.  So I'm home in front of a class.
So this is the first time for me to teach stuff people actually want to learn from me.  By choice, you know?

I want my students to be more excited about quilting when they walk out of the classroom than they were when they walked in.

So I'm going to do my very best.  I'm going to learn names.  I'll be encouraging.  I'm going to speak clearly and have good visuals that will help everyone follow along and feel comfortable.  I'll be approachable, yet I'll make sure that we accomplish our goals in the set time frame.  I'm going to be flexible.
And I'm bringing homemade cookies.

Any advice to share with me?


  1. Have FUN! When I took a class, the teacher began by asking us why we were there to learn what was being taught. That was a great ice breaker! Good luck!!

  2. I hope your class went well today! I think the fact that you are at heart a teacher, will have made an awesome experience for the class. Plus, the cookies will only help them like you more :-)

  3. yeah! I hope al went as you had hoped!

  4. Oh my goodness you're a quilting Math Professor. You're my HERO! I'm an upcoming senior at an all girl's private liberal arts college and I'm a math major. Multi-Variable Calculus made me cry and cry and cry!

    But it's done and I passed (usually I'm such a perfectionist!) and I'm looking to turn my sights towards quilting!