Friday, January 1, 2010

100th post!

Wow, I can't believe that I'm already at 100!
There's a lot of words in this post, so I'm going to put in some pictures of quilts from 2009. If you don't want to read the words, just look at the pictures.....
Since I've made it to 100, I'd really like to share with you why I created this blog.
You see, I love to sew. But there's more to it.
I started this in May after my 2nd child was born in March. She was premature and had some health problems. She spent weeks in the NICU, and she came home on a monitor that sounded off like a fire alarm every time she stopped breathing or her heart stopped beating. She was on it for 6 months. When she was 5 months old, it only went off 88 times in a month and we were elated. She had colic and acid reflux and she was super-sensitive. The meds she was on made her extremely cranky. She couldn't travel in a car for a few months because it made her stop breathing, so we were confined to the house.
So when I started this blog, I was in the middle of some pretty dark days.
Through this, sewing was a constant. I couldn't do anything for my daughter to make her better. But I could sew for her.
Sewing was the thing that made me feel better. Somehow the fact that I still had the ability to create something beautiful gave me hope that the dark days were going to turn around. But I was stuck here. So creating a blog gave me a way to share what I was doing with others, and that made me happy. I always wondered if anyone would want to read anything I wrote, but that was ok either way.
Little by little, my baby got better. We got her problems worked out, and miraculously we all survived.
And my little blog kept going. I loved that it was a way for people to build on each others' ideas. That maybe some little project I did would be an idea for someone else to take and use and add to and transform as their own. Or that someone might be inspired to sew themselves. And you guys were so sweet. You read my jumbled words and said nice things about my creations.
So I am so grateful to every one of you guys out there! Your kind words have helped me through a rough year. And I'm looking forward to sewing up a wonderful 2010 with you!
And so to celebrate my 100th post, I'm doing a giveaway. It will be a couple of cuts of my stash. At least 3 fat quarters, if not more. I'm working on de-stashing.... you see, one of my new year's resolutions is to be a better housekeeper.
So to enter, just post a comment.
And Happy New Year's to you!


  1. Hello!, I don't want to be the first, it isn't good, lol. I have to say I almost didn't look at your quilts, I read all that you wrote, it's a touching story, so glad your baby girl's better and you find blogland to share all the beautiful quilts you made, you're going to remind this days when she gets older and you'll showing that to her!

  2. Forgot to say... Happy New Year to you too!!!

  3. How precious and sweet about how your blog started. Thank God that you and your darling daughter have made it through and that she is on her way to being a healthy little girl!

    I'm always amazed at the friendships and people that I've "met" by blogging. Quilters and crafters are the most generous of people!

    Thanks for the giveaway and for sharing your thoughts with us.

    May God continue to bless your family and Happy New Year!

  4. Your story is so touching. One of my best friends had a very premature daughter also. She spent months in the NICU. After seeing what she has gone through, I started volunteering for March of Dimes. I feel so blessed to have had a healthy (though tiny) little girl and seeing the stress and pain other parents have to deal with... well I can't even imagine. I can't think of anything worse than wondering if your sweet, innocent child is going to make it through the night. I admire you for your strength and endurance! And glad that so much beauty has come from your pain. You are very creative and I love following your blog!

  5. My niece was born at just under 23 weeks a year and a half ago and after seeing her happy and active at Christmas this year I'm once again in awe at how tough prem babies are - so glad you made it through those dark days and now have a beautiful daughter and lots of lovely quilts! I've enjoyed reading your blog over the last couple months, so congrats on making the 100 post milestone!

  6. what an incredibly hard time that must have been for you. I can not even imagine. congrats on the 100th post milestone. vbarton24 at gmail dot com

  7. oh Vicki, what a tough time for you. My daughter was also preemie and on an apnea monitor...only 2 months was a struggle, but not like your struggle. bless your heart and what a fantastic way to sewing and blogging. well done! I am happy to hear your daughter has worked thru her challenges and is doing well. Thanks for 100 great posts and a sweet giveaway. Happy New Year!!

  8. Dear wendy, thank you so much for sharing your story with us and i am sooo happy your beautiful daughter got better. I adore this lovely space you created and i am always inspire by your lovely creations and quilts. Wishing you and yours many beautiful moments in 2010! Love to you!

  9. Oh boy...that post made me teary. How precious. I am so glad to hear that story. Thanks for sharing!

  10. what an amazing story! i work in a nicu, and i am so amazed by the strength of all the families-- its great to see how your stress reliever has turned into such a beautiful passion. i can't wait to make my own version of your adorable watermelon color scheme! thanks for all the inspiration...

  11. I enjoyed reading your story. So glad that you had a happy ending!

  12. You are one tough woman, and I love you! I know this past year has been a hard one, but 2010 will be that much sweeter. Hope to see you soon!

  13. Thanks for sharing your reasons for a blog and your giveaway stash Wendy! Here is hoping you have a very blessed and joyous new year!
    blrohloff at aol dot com

  14. Thanks Wendy! I've been reading your blog for several months now. Glad your little one came through!

  15. Hey Wendy - I'm not commenting to enter in for the free fat quarters. As I don't quilt, I'd rather see them go to someone who does...

    I just wanted to tell you how much I admire you and always have. You have such an amazing spirit and you inspire me to be a more positive person.

    I'm so glad that you have found something you love to put all that energy and loving spirit into...and I'm VERY glad that your baby is doing so much better.


  16. Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for sharing your story and so glad to hear that her health is better now!

  17. Although I enjoyed your pretty pictures, I appreciated your story even more. What an amazing journey with such sweet results. Your daughters are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    And a Happy New Year too!

  18. Wow, Wendy. I knew it was challenging but had no idea it was like you described. Bless you! Your girls are precious and you and Robert are just the best.
    Aunt Linda

  19. interesting post. I always think it's ineteresting to hear the story behind the blog. What goes on behind the scenes.

  20. So cool to hear words from your heart!! awesome story... I love happy endings :)