Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sometimes I'm a doofus.

I planned on making something awesome for my dad's birthday.
And then, you see, Christmas just happens to fall right before his birthday.
So last week I started in on getting a quilt for him made.
I figured I could get it good and started and if necessary, finish it after his birthday.

But my mom didn't think he'd use a quilt. And she suggested I make him a heating pad cover.
No problem, much more attainable.....

Daddy has worked on hot air balloon crews many times over the last 10 years, and it's something he really enjoys. And I had a small hot air balloon that I thought I could use.
And then I tried to get fancy... I thought I'd take my blue scraps, and create a patchwork sky out of them. And then applique the hot air balloon on top.
But when I did that, it looked like the hot air balloon was about to crash into a giant blue brick wall. All I need is to quilt in some worried passengers to complete the look!

So I trashed that idea. Like I said, sometimes I'm a doofus.

So then I decided to just use some lovely blue solid I had in my stash.
{Two thoughts here: why didn't this idea occur to me in the first place, and why do I have an obnoxious amount of fabric in my stash?? Yikes!}
So I created a hot air balloon out of some scraps.
I didn't have any Wonder Under to fuse it on, but I had some basting spray. Turns out it worked almost as well, and it didn't add that pesky layer of bulk. Good to know, right?
So I satin stitched around the parts of the balloon, then I added some clouds with my free-motion foot. Turns out that quilting clouds is really fun!
And I decided to use the blue brick wall as the back -- fortunately I didn't attach the hot air balloon to it. I'll post pictures when it's all assembled and finished!


  1. Dear wendy, how fun and exciting that your papa worked on hot air balloon crews many times! I have never sat on one before...i guess would be very exciting and yet scary experience? :) Your papa's quilt turns out beautiful! I love that cute cloud you created. Sometimes a little mistake can change into something so beautiful! Looking forward to see the final result of your gorgeous quilt! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!