Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quilting bee, anyone?

I've been wanting to join a quilting bee for quite a while. But I always seem to have my timing wrong! So I thought.... why not host one?

ABOUT.... A quilting bee is a group of people who sew blocks for each other. Each person is assigned to a month. On your month, you choose fabrics and a pattern or an idea for quilt blocks. You send out instructions and fabric to the group. And everyone else in the group sews blocks for your quilt on your month. Usually there are 12 people in a quilting bee, and the commitment lasts for a year.

RESPONSIBILITIES... Every month you would make 2 blocks for another group member and mail those blocks to that person. One month in the year you would purchase fabric and send it and instructions to all group members. Since it is a year-long commitment, please think carefully about whether or not you can make 2 blocks each month for a year.

POSTING.... I'll be creating a flickr group for this quilting bee. I'll ask each member to post their inspiration quilts, their fabrics, and their completed blocks on the flickr group.

TO SIGN UP... please send me an e-mail to wendyleep {at} gmail {dot} com with the following information: your name, your physical address, your e-mail address, and your blog address. 12 people can sign up to participate. I'll also take a couple of alternates in case someone drops out during the year.

Looking forward to a year full of fun!!

UPDATE: the bee is now full.


  1. Fun, I have been trying to get in on a bee, thought just this morning that I was going to have to do it all myself!!! LOL!! guess that I won't have to now!!

  2. I just sent you an email. I am really looking forward to this.

  3. Count me in. Sending you an email now. Thx!

  4. Sounds like fun - I'll email you right now!

  5. Sounds great! I just sent you an email! (Oh, and you button didn't work. It just linked back to your site...and no button showed up.)