Thursday, March 11, 2010

A tea party...

We had a tea party for my daughter's first birthday. I had asked for help with the invites.

I wanted to give the kids an activity when they first arrived, and many different ages of children were coming. So I drew a teacup for them to color and make copies. (There was a teapot as well, but I'm not as proud of it....).
My daughter needed a fancy outfit, so I found a onesie that said Baby's first birthday at Kohl's, and I made her a bubble skirt to match it.

Now, I don't usually sew clothing because I'm dreadful at it. But I wanted something specific, and I found the cute blue roses print at Jo-Ann's for $1.50/yard and couldn't resist.
We had a parfait bar. Everybody likes parfait, right? I think so.
I made special hair bows for my girls. The one on the left is my younger daughter's. The one on the right is my older daughter's. Her skirt was made out of the pink roses print.
Found these fabulous plates at the after-Valentine's day sales at Target. Awesome!
This was quite possibly the hit of the party. These little things are AWESOME! And easy, and quick and relatively inexpensive to make. I'll be posting a recipe in the next few days so stay tuned....
And here's the birthday girl modeling her hairbow... such a sweetie! Can't believe she's 1 year old!


  1. happy birthday to your little sweetie. congratulations on a well planned and thought out party, i think it all looks great!

  2. I didn't know you had a 1 year old too. My baby will be 1 in about three weeks. Your baby has way more hair than mine, it doesn't matter how pink her DRESS is, people still think she is a boy! What is it with that? what kind of self-respecting person would put a boy in a pink dress? LOL

  3. I wish we could have been there to celebrate such a big day! It looks like the party was a big hit, and you did a great job as party planner.