Monday, March 1, 2010

another string

Still working on string quilts. I wanted to experiment with quilting on these, and I had 10 extra blocks from my big string quilt. And so I made 2 more to make this:I think it's going to be another donation quilt. I really like it, but I think it's a neat piece to donate to the silent auction. It's a good baby quilt size, and it would be lovely for a little boy or a little girl. I used straight-line quilting, which is not my favorite, but it worked well here.
I bound it in a red dot, and I used an apple-printed flannel for backing. The quilt itself is so heavy that I didn't use batting. It gives the quilt a slightly different feel, but I think it would be great as a summer baby blankie.
I really enjoyed this project!


  1. Very cute. Love the flannel prints on the back.

  2. What gorgeous string quilts Wendy.

  3. WOW wendy this is sooo gorgeous! Loving the fabrics and that beauiful apple fabric! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!