Tuesday, May 4, 2010

new sewing table!!

For years, I've been sewing on this:It's a TV stand that my sweet husband built a loooong time ago when we were in college. Quite a long time ago it ceased to hold the TV, so I took it as my sewing table. There's a couple of problems, though. There's no place for my legs. So they have to be sqoooshed to the side while I sew. Not ideal. And, the machine sits up really high. And so I desperately wanted something that was more desk-like that I could have my machine lowered so that the needle was at table-level.

We looked at the local quilting shop and discovered that the nice tables are out of our price range. So lovely, but I couldn't stomach paying over $1000 for a piece of sewing furniture.

I've been stalking craigslist for months.

Finally, my dear husband decided he'd build me something. He spoke about it with a friend at work who is a very good woodworker. And said friend mentioned that his elderly mom needed to get rid of a sewing table at her house. hmm. BUT.... The day before we went to look at it, we found out that we had to replace the gas line at our home we're selling. Among other things. Yikes! So I made up my mind to absolutely love whatever she had to sell.

She opened her garage and I saw THIS!
It's basically the same table I had been looking at... except the 1994 version.
It locks! It expands! It has a hydraulic lift so that my machine can do this when not in use:
It did have a broken hinge, but that's no big deal for hubby to fix.

Its owner was thrilled that he cabinet would be going somewhere to be used every single day. Turns out that she had really stopped sewing by machine so much; her eyesight was better suited to hand-sewing. And so she didn't need the big cabinet any more.

And while her son and my hubby loaded it up? She took me inside and showed me her quilts. TOTALLY AWESOME!! I wish I had a camera with me. Hers were all hand-quilted, and mostly hand sewn. Amazing. A real joy to see.

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  1. Score!!!! Congratulations!! I pray for such a find every time I go into Goodwill!!!!