Saturday, October 2, 2010


Ages ago, I hosted a halloween swap.  With the great idea of swapping halloween prints after halloween (when they were on sale) so that we could all have awesome halloween quilts this year (and plenty of time to finish them).  And last week I finished up mine.  

My kids love it.  It's very very loud.  I like it okay.  
I think the main reason I'm calling it SPOOKY is this:  I pieced the top last year.  When I pulled it out this year to put it together, I realized that I had used very very poor judgment in placing squares.  I was rather distressed with myself.  spooked, maybe.....   don't look too close.  I seem to have grouped prints only on one side of the quilt... seriously, stop looking.  I'm all embarrassed.

To control the Very Loud nature of the quilt, and possibly to cover up the fact that I had really not thought out the layout well, I decided to quilt the tar out of it.  I'd been wanting to work on quilting pebbles, and I thought this was a grand opportunity to do this.

I love the quilting.  I enjoyed it so very very much.
it took 16 bobbins to quilt this top.  It's 48" by 60" = not huge.  16 bobbins.  yikes!

I absolutely adore the backing fabric.  So cute and clever!  I bought this on in December at my local quilt shop for $3 a yard.....  love me a sale.

And the striped candy corn binding is pretty awesome too.

All in all, a fun decoration that my kids will enjoy!

And I'm linking this one to Quiltstory this week.  Go check out all the fun links!


  1. We are always our own worst critic...I think your quilt is really cool, spooky only in the fact that it it Halloween fabrics! Love the pebbles quilting!

  2. I don't think you can ever go wrong with a Halloween quilt! I made three this year! I always use "loud" fabrics so your quilt is just my style. Looks good to me!!

  3. I LOVE crazy busy quilts, it turned out so cute!! The pebbles quilting is very cool, I'm surprised it took 16 bobbins too! And great choice on the binding. Thanks so much for linking up, see you next week!

  4. Cute! love the quilting on this. I just completed my first halloween quilt and am like seeing all the other great ones people have made.