Thursday, January 20, 2011

Aunt Grace top finished up!

I read and pondered each one.  
You are all very smart people.

I narrowed it down to: choosing one 1930's repro print for sashing and solid sashing that was not ivory.
I ended up taking about 8 of the blocks and my children to my Local Quilt Store. I chose about 5 bolts and laid the blocks on them, then announced loudly "Anyone want to offer an opinion over here?!!"
{you should have seen the crowds gather!}
Anyway, it was unanimous.  Purple solid.
I'm really pleased with it. 

But you know how some quilts just desperately need to be quilted to look their best?  This is one of them.
I hope to get it quilted next week.

And KT had suggested corner posts, and I liked that idea a lot.  
But I didn't think I was patient skilled enough to put them at all the corners in the sashing.  
So I put the posts on the outer corners of the piano key border and I love them!

A wider shot.

and THEN as if I needed another project.... I used my offcuts from the piano key border to make these mosaics.  

This gives you a better idea of how small some of those pieces are.
They are going to be mug rugs!


  1. I think the purple is perfect too!

  2. I love those Aunt Grace fabrics, and I love what you've done with them!