Friday, January 7, 2011

opinion on Aunt Grace, please!

and sent them off to one of my online quilting bees.

I have them back now!
And I've added borders to some of the blocks that were in the scraps, so that I now have all these blocks to play with:
beautiful, yes?

They are each just wonderful.  
Each block was worked on by someone other than me, and that makes it really special to me!

And now I am contemplating how to piece the quilt.  
I'm keeping this one.  And it would be lovely to finish it up while it's still cold enough to be used this year!

So here are the options.
Option 1:  
white (well, ivory I think) sashing. 

Option 2:  
pieced scrappy sashing.  Many of the blocks have ivory edges, but not all.  
Since it's a quilt that will be used heavily in a house with toddlers, I like the idea of using prints instead of a light solid.  

Option 3:  
Add a thin ivory border on all blocks, then use scrappy sashing.

So what do you think?  
Please, even if you don't usually comment, I'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts!


  1. 1. I usually comment.
    2. I don't know what the heck I'm talking about.
    3. My opinion is to use one fabric as the sashing i.e. the awesome purple or green. I just a symmetrical kind of gal...
    4. No matter what you decide, I LOVE the squares.

  2. I second Monica's suggestion #3. I think white sashing would be too much white and the pieced sashing is too much clutter in my opinion. The solid color would set off the lovely blocks and unify the whole, give the eyes a resting place, as they say. It will be such a pretty quilt. Have fun!

  3. It is so hard to decide, at least for me it is, like all of the options.

  4. Option three is my favorite -- the blocks are beautiful. Can't wait to see what you decide.

  5. I like option three, if you have enough scraps to do that. Nice way to use them all up. Very pretty blocks.

  6. I think if you go with white sashing it should be really narrow...just enough to set off the blocks...otherwise I agree...too much white. I think the pieced sashing is pretty...but it does seem to detract too much from the lovely blocks that you want to highlight...if you go with the pieced sashing, I would make the pieces bigger than your sample and go with your option 3 so again the blocks are what is highlighted. Whatever you choose will be lovely.

  7. I was going to say Option 2, but I really like Monica's idea...but with the red!

  8. I like option #3...what a beautiful quilt.

  9. I like the scrappy sashing. I *think* I like it better without adding a thin border to all of the blocks, but I'm not completely sure.

  10. I like option 3. Option 2 feels too busy for me.

  11. My order of preference goes like this: Option 2, Option 3, Option 1. Based on your photos, Option 2 is the one that is most appealing to me.

  12. I like Monica's opinion of using another solid color to sash the blocks. To decide on the solid color I'd lay out the blocks on different colors to see what speaks to you. I agree that a solid sashing would set off the blocks and not be too busy. Then I'd use a scrappy binding.

  13. I think Option 3 (at least if you are going for an overall matrix look, however, I think the pieced sashing should be much narrowner, almost like the look of a binding strip , so that the focus stays on the blocks.

    Another option would be to make the quilt a bit larger and have an overall white or ivory background, but space the blocks more organically, not necessarily in a matrix style. I'm thinking of an Elenor Burns book that had a sampler quilt of thirties style blocks, and they were laid out on a white background but no sashing at all.

  14. I leaning toward adding more white via borders between the blocks and further along the outside or even a color to enclose the white before the colorful binding.

    Maybe make the binding a strip of each color going around to draw the colors through the whole design.

    Beautiful! I can't wait to get to the point where I'm skilled enough to join a Bee.

  15. Love your Aunt Grace Quilt--so sweet and cheerful!