Monday, January 24, 2011

10 things I love about My Bedroom Quilt

This is probably the quilt I have made that I am most proud of, and I am thrilled to enter it in

Gen X Quilters

And I AM part of Gen X, by the way... in case you didn't know!

anyway, back to the quilt.  Here's 10 things I LOVE about it!

1.  I love that I made myself be meticulous.  Despite my hatred of seam ripping, I actually ripped a bunch of seams out to make these blocks perfect.
2.  I love that I tried to be creative!  I developed my own block for this quilt.  And even wrote a tutorial for it.  

3.  I love the very loud large scale backing.

3.  Even more, I love the piano key border on the top of the back that peeks out when you fold the top of the quilt over.

4.  I love the polka dot binding.

5.  I love that I quilted it myself on my Bernina 830 Record.  It's an oversized queen.  I wanted the quilting to be perfect and so I actually did practice quilt blocks and I agonized over thread color

6.  I love that I dared to accessorize!   I made this pillow, and it was part of a challenge.  I love it!  I kind of wish the whole quilt was done this way....
 7.  I love the giant block P pillow.  I've started into piecing letters.  My last name starts with a "P"...

8.  I love that in typical Wendy fashion, I didn't buy enough of any fabric and so I ran out of many of them and had to supplement.  I figure I'll never learn to plan ahead.  And did you know that a queen sized quilt takes a lot of fabric??!

9.  I love the Michael Miller Word Search fabric.  It's one of my absolute favorite fabrics and I wish I had a whole bolt of it.  Alas....

10.  I love that I spent 7 months on this quilt, off and on.  And that I finally, finally finished it up!

Oh, and I'd like to tell you I also love that I found sheets at IKEA that match perfectly... but that would be 11 things, which would be excessive, I think......

Thanks for Stopping by The Wendy City..... 


  1. It's gorgeous! Love the colors, pattern...........EVERYTHING!
    Thank you for sharing,
    Kelley O

  2. Wow! I love all the things you mentioned too! Like the piano - that's super cool. And kudos for seam kow it would bug you endlessly if you hadn't.

    I'm adding your block tute to my Block Library - love it!

    Thanks for entering the Love Nest Quilt Contest and best of luck!

    AnneMarie @ Gen X Quilters

  3. Your quilt is beautifully done! I am a beginning quilter and have developed a passion (like you) for quilting and a love of fabrics.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely quilt. It is an inspiration.

  4. all your hard work paid off. It's beautiful!

  5. Lovely quilt! Love the modern pattern and fabric choice, if I hadn't already peaked at your profile I'd think you where from Scandinavia somewhere with this lovely design and the mention of Ikea ^^