Monday, January 24, 2011

Tea for 2

Finished up my 2 mug rugs... and attempted to photograph them in a fun tea-party way.
This is a rather awkward picture...
I'm not sure I succeeded in the photographing.
  Sorry about that.
I wanted to show you these cool labels I purchased!
They say "the wendy city" and they are exactly perfect to sew into binding.  love them.
You can get some for yourself right here!
So I used the mug rugs as a way to "audition" quilting styles before I tackle the giant quilt.  Here's the one done in a small stipple pattern.

And here's the one done in pebbles.

What do you think?  Do you prefer one over the other?


  1. Hey Wendy!!! So fun to recognize some of those fabrics!! ;0)

    I am loving the pebble!!

  2. How do you do the stippling? What foot do you use?

  3. Your mug rugs are awesome -- I love the pebble one two -- it is so different.

  4. I like them both. What a great way to practice the machine quilting. Do you have a pattern for your mug rugs that you can share?

  5. Looking forward to making the mug rugs. I looked at the site for labels but she has closed up shop for awhile to play catch up. Here is a blog where i lerned to make little labels.
    I make lots of pillowcases and use the labels alot there.

  6. Lovely mug rug. I loves the color combination.
    I hope I can made two (for me and my hubby) just like urs :)bo