Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dollar store centerpiece!

So I hosted a shower at my home last weekend. And I just hate buying flowers to use as a centerpiece! So I came up with something else instead. But I wanted something with some height in the middle of the table, and the bride was using sunflowers as inspiration for her colors.

I estimated that I'd spend about $30 on flowers. And I'd prefer to use that money toward something that could be used again, preferably by the bride.
I found these things on her registry that I thought I could use well, and I had a coupon at bed bath and beyond for 20% off my purchase. 3 nesting pyrex bowls, a drawer organizer and some kitchen utensils. I was really hoping that there would be a vase or utensil organizer on her registry, but no such luck. So....
...I bought these at the dollar store. The green and orange spatulas just caught my eye... the vase was for the sunflowers and kitchen utensils, and the white tulle was in the bridal section and seemed useful! And rocks. Can't go wrong with rocks. And some kraft paper shreds was to fill my pyrex.
Stuff I had on hand: scrapbook paper, hot glue. some cardboard and some paper plates.

So I wanted to stack the pyrex bowls upside down on top of each other and fill the space in them somehow. This required me to create a base for them.

For the bottom one (the largest one) I just traced around the bowl on some scrapbook paper and stuck kraft paper shreds inside and the scrapbook paper on the bottom of the bowl. It's easier to do this if you put them together and then flip the whole thing over onto the table!

For the middle one, I took a Froot Loops box out of the recycling and flattened it and traced 2 circles to match the middle pyrex bowl. Then I glued them together and scrapbook paper on top.
For the smallest bowl, I had a paper plate the appropriate size (lucky me, since I started this project exactly 41 minutes before the start of the shower...) so all I had to do was cover it in scrapbook paper. If you are doing this, I strongly recommend trimming the paper after the gluing part!

After stacking the shred-filled pyrex, I glued the drawer organizer on top, then glued the vase in place. I put rocks in the drawer organizer and vase, then stuck the utensils and flowers in the vase. and tied some tulle bows down the tower. I would have liked to do larger bows, but it turns out there's not a whole lot of tulle on a dollar store spool. Next time I'll buy 2 of those!
And here's the best part.
When the shower was over, we disassembled the whole thing.
The hot glue peeled off everything easily,
and the beautiful bride had some kitchen items off her registry to enjoy.

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  1. Wow that looks really cool! Next time I'm in the dollar store, I'll be looking at items in a different light.