Thursday, May 13, 2010

power of a handmade gift....

Friends, I'm posting someone else's work tonight.
This is a shot of my kitchen.
Thrilling, right?
The flowers on the table are from my daughter's dance recital.
{she was a circus pony. it was darling. she didn't dance, though. but I digress....}
But if you look on the right, you'll see something that has been in every house my husband and I have lived in....
Here's the closeup. It was a wedding gift. It's been on my wall 12 years now.
It's huge!
I can only imagine how long it took Karin to cross-stitch this for me.
{I have always admired cross-stitch. I have neither the concentration or eyesight for it.}

Anyway, I'm posting this because it's good to remember the power of a handmade gift. Especially to us crafty-folks!
And every morning when I see this, I think of Karin and my friends in college who loved me even when I was a bloomin' idiot.
Cause I was, most definitely.
But this reminds me that they liked me anyway.

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