Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chair help, if you please!

So we purchased this chair for my first little girl when she turned 1.  She's enjoyed it a lot!

But now that she's older she doesn't use it as much -- but her sister has claimed it.

And... well, here's where I'm strange.  Now that the younger one is the one using it, I'd like to refashion it so that it doesn't have my older daughter's initials on it.  Can you help me?

Details:  the cover is a heavy denim.  It comes off completely and I can get the back part on my sewing machine.  And my machine will sew through it.  The monogram is embroidered, and I'm not sure if I could pick out the embroidery or not.  I'm limited on how much time I'm going to devote to it, so ripping out embroidery is not my preference.  I'd like to cover it in some way that is either neutral or has both girls' first initials on it.

Here's why you want to help:  please leave me an idea in the comments.  I'll choose one and re-fashion the chair and post about it.  And I'll send whoever left the brilliant idea a present of some sort.  Might be handmade, might be supplies, might be food.

Oh, and here's where we purchased the chair.  It has been fabulous and gotten a lot of use.  Absolutely worth every single penny.  The cover is easily removable and washable.  My daughter has used it daily from age 1 to about age 3.5 and could continue to use it but she just prefers to sit on the couch or chairs "like a big person" now.
{By the way, I'm not getting paid to review this.... I just think it's really that cool and useful, I like you guys, and I want to help you out!}


  1. I would applique a nice big flower over the embroidery!

  2. A big appliqué to cover the monogram is the obvious answer and has lots of creative (but quick and easy) possibilities. You could even fussy cut a large motif–something the new chair sitter would like–and applique that to the chair.

  3. The "ambitious" solution? Use the current cover (taken apart) as a pattern, and make a new cover out of all new fabrics.

    Another fun solution might be to "racing stripe" it with a large strip just a bit wider than the original monogram that starts in the middle front, runs across the seat, up the back, and over.

  4. What about sewing a piece (or pieces) of fabric over the initials? Something to cover the monogram, but with an old fashioned anti-macassar kind of look? (You know, those old fashioned doilies they used to drape over the backs and arms of chairs...) If you wanted to be ambitious, you could put them on the arms too. IF you wanted to be ambitious... There are so many adorable girly fabrics out there, I'm sure you could find the perfect one to drape over it.

  5. If possible, I would use the original cover as a pattern template and create a new chair cover and either embroider or applique a little design on it--flower, butterfly, a sport, whatever they like. If that's not feasible, perhaps you could applique a few little things over the initials. Good luck! I hope you can find something quick and easy!

  6. Why not cut it out, leaving a big hole in whatever shape you like (circle, rectangle, heart, star, etc.), then stitch a patch over the hole from behind, like a reverse applique? That patch could be made of fabric with the correct initials, or whatever print or design you want. You could even sew fabric with an iron-on photo transfer on it, or how about a clear vinyl pocket where you could insert a real photo? When you sew the new patch on the back, you could leave the edges of the existing denim raw, or embellish/cover the edges with ribbon... run wild!

  7. You could attach a little headrest/pillow thing over the top, which would end up covering the monogram. I'm not sure if that would be more or less comfortable, so I'd probably try it out in a temporary way first.

  8. You could always create an acronym out of the GLP and then just add stitchery to it...For example, Gorgeous Little Princess. You then leave the letters as they are (maybe adding periods between each letter) and then stitch out what it stands for underneath...

    Another idea, create "mood labels" that say things like sleepy, happy, silly, etc. that can velcro off and on (conveniently over the GLP).

  9. You could wait till crap swap and I could bring you Conrad's denim cover.