Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last string finish...

I finally finished this quilt!  I'm so glad, since I have company coming this weekend, and I really wanted to go ahead with my new decor.
I felt like it needed something more, so I set out to work on the throw pillow.  Now, I struggled with this design on the quilt because I don't usually do set patterns.  It's very organized, and I'm not.  It at least appears to be rather planned.... and I don't.  So I wanted to do something improv on the pillow.

So I had left over a few random scraps and a couple of blocks.  Nothing really that would go into a planned design.  And I needed it to go quick.  And look nice.  No problem, right?
So I shredded up the leftover blocks and my scraps and sewed them together into long strips, and then I used Stephanie's piecing method on foundations and made 4 blocks.  Then I arranged them into a star and hoped I could find a pillow insert about the size of what I had (like I said, planning is not my forte...)

I'm really pleased with the look, and I'm so amazed at what different designs you can achieve with the string piecing method by just arranging things differently.

I think I need 2 more pillows now......   but that's a project for another day I think!


  1. Really creative and I love the colors.

  2. It looks great and your pillow works perfectly. Have fun with your guest this weekend!

  3. Very nice colours. The pillow gives a nice touch to the big quilt.