Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am not a seamstress.

Confession time.  I am not a seamstress.
I am a decent quilter.  And I like to sew.  But I am most definitely not a seamstress.

Here's some things I can't do:  put in a zipper (invisible or visible), make a proper buttonhole, ease in a seam, attach velcro without flinching, hem stuff, mend stuff, or deal with fabrics that creep, stretch or otherwise demonstrate free will.  
Oh, and I HATE to make anything fit a human or other form, living or otherwise.
That's a short list.

Anyhoo...  my daughter needed a nap mat.  And I have this pride problem that I really want to make it myself.  
Even though I'm not a seamstress.  
I just needed to make the cover.  For a rectangular mat.  
Seems easy.  It wasn't.
I determined I'd be using stuff from my stash, since I have too large of a stash.  And I rarely use my fabrics that aren't quilting fabric, i.e. the fabrics that demonstrate free will when you try to sew them.  

In this case, knit, flannel and cheap minky fabric.  Well, there's the finished product.  The pink fabric is frogs wearing tutus. Very cute.  
The back is a green zebra knit.
I'll admit that I put binding on the bottom seam because it's cute easier for me to put on binding than to hem it.  Seriously.  I don't hem stuff well.  And the binding is flannel, which is what I had enough left of.  As I was ironing it, I decided that might not have been a great idea.....
And it folds up and the tie holds it closed.  My favorite part is the ruffly side of the flip up pillow.  

When I finished it, my daughter dragged all her blankies over to it and sat on it, which is most definitely a toddler sign of great approval.

Any other quilters out there that are not great seamstresses?  Or am I the only oddball?
Fess up, friends!


  1. Oh, I am no seamstress. I can sew buttons and thankfully my machine has an automatic buttonholer, and I'm working on liking zippers so I can make little bags. But collars, arm holes and sleeves --no way! Your nap mat came out adorable.

  2. Definitely not just you. And honestly, ruffles baffle me. Zippers, too. And hems. Yeah. My husband thinks that because I can sew a straight 1/4" seam for quilt blocks that I have a clue when it comes to mending or sewing hems. He thinks wrong.