Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A string finish!

This is the biggest quilt I've quilted yet.
And it's all SCRAPS!  Amazing, yes?
It's part of Stephanie at Loft Creations String to Finish Challenge.  And I had a really good time with it. 
It was my husband's Father's Day gift, and the first quilt I've made just for him.  He requested something extra long since he's a rather tall fellow and blankets are often too short for him.  It measures 70" x 96".
Machine quilted on my trusty vintage Bernina.
Here's the back.  It's pieces out of my stash. 
I quilted it in spirals.  There's one large spiral in each block, then one smaller one on each corner.  I really enjoyed this method, and it turned out to be quite easy to do.  Even on such a large quilt.
Each block is foundation pieced on muslin, so it was rather heavy.  But I like a heavy quilt.
I keep the binding leftovers from all my quilts, and so for this one I cleaned out my binding scrap bag for a scrappy binding.


  1. Great job! I admire you gals who can bust your stash with such beautiful results.

  2. Turning all the scraps into something beautiful is superb!