Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wendy ponders thread and quilting gloves...

Ah, it's an exciting day here in the Wendy city. 

I'm working on this quilt and I'm determined to get it at least quilted this week.  It's very large.  
Large by huge, to be exact.  
So I looked online and decided to take some advice and get some grippy gloves to use to quilt it with.  
Now, these are not specifically quilting gloves.  In fact they are gardening gloves from Target's dollar section.  On the plus side, they are pink and grippy.  On the negative, they are quite large on me.  

Here's a better alternative, I think:   and they come in sizes too, which would be nice.  And not too much more expensive.

Anyway, they do make the quilting easier.  My hands and arms don't get fatigued so fast.  I highly recommend them.  I may be cutting the thumbs off mine, though.  I've already sewed through them once.  
(The glove thumbs.  My actual thumbs are fine, thank you!)

In my previous post, I had asked you lovely people to help me decide between a natural thread or a black thread.  And you gave me the very helpful answer of "meh, neither is great..." which is really what I already knew.  But I was afraid to quilt in a color.  Too scary.   

But you were right -- neither black nor natural was all that attractive!
So I ended up going with a taupe color that matches the newsprint type fabrics.  
It doesn't stand out too much on either the black or the light prints, and it's perfect!!  
I appreciate your help....

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  1. Try glycerin on your finger tips. Works like a champ for machine quilting. You can get it at Walmart.