Saturday, August 29, 2009

found myself a sale.... and a giveaway!

in the midst of my shoe dilemma, I remember that fabric shopping never does me wrong....... and my neighborhood quilting store was having a huge sale.
So here's what I came home with:
and it was all $2/yard!
yippee! Love the lightbulbs! I think I'm going to put some small pieces of these into my I-SPY quilts. But have no plan for the rest.
But I love black and white prints so they will find their way into something.
Beets! Who doesn't need beets!
Seriously, no idea what I'm doing with these.
But they're beets!
Teeny lightbulbs. no idea.
But I love them. I'm collecting fabrics for a zig-zag quilt for my bed, and this may find its way into a zig....
or a zag.
The picnic fabric cracks me up.
My older daughter loves to set up picnics in the living room floor, so I'm going to use this as one side of a small picnic blankie for her...

and this one for the back! So it will be reversible, depending on which game she wants to play.
I love the baking stuff.

Anyway, I'm willing to share!
Leave me a comment: Which one's your favorite and what would you do with it?
Not promising great quantities, but at least a fat quarter or quarter-yard cut of your fave!

I'll choose a winner on Tuesday night.


  1. LOVE the teeny light bulbs...I need to get moving on my new niece/nephew's (not born yet) Christmas stocking and this reminds me of fairy lights! and it's entirly unisex for a stocking! Thanks for the offer. fingers crossed.
    krousegirl2 at aol dot com

  2. They're all wonderful! My favorite is probably the teeny-tiny light bulbs because it looks like Christmas and I love Christmas. That said, I'm really drawn to the beets! They are unique! Unusual! Fun! I think they cry to become a picnic blankie, or a gardening cushion, or perhaps napkins and seat cushions for the patio. I can see the beets, paired with maybe some cute pea pod fabric I saw recently as a quilted tablecloth. If I don't win, I think I will have to go get some of that! At which store did you find it?

    Speaking of I Spy quilts, have our squares made it to Amarillo yet asked the late, last one to get her squares sent in, player?

  3. What a great sale!! I love the teeny light bulbs. They would go great with some Christmas projects that are in the forecast. Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. I really like all of them, but something is drawing my eye to the beets! Never thought I'd see fabric with beets catching my attention! I am planning a "stash quilt" for every grandchild (6 so far, with one on the way), and I want each one to have unique pieces of fabric--any of your choices would work!

  5. I love the black and white cooking print- so cute! Thanks!

  6. the light bulbs are definitely my favorite! i'm also a huge fan of black and whites, but it's so hard to find real variety... this is so unique and absolutely adorable! and for $2 a yard... i'm in a full-on jealousy-induced coma... great finds!

  7. Did you have to make this so hard???? Who can choose? I've been collecting for an eyespy for the grands too, so maybe the blk/wht bulbs or the beets? You decide....take the pressure off please!!!!!

  8. I love the last fabric, the baking one. It would be perfect to use in something for my daughter who is a super cook - a tote perhaps, or maybe a cookbook cover, oh the possibilities !! Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. I like the beets. I can see myself decorating a tea towel with this. (Maybe a ruffle or applique).


  10. You are so funny!! I love the beets, the beets are amazing. I want to do an eyespy just with veges and fruit. I think it might take me a 100 years to collect enough, but I have developed a serious love of vege and fruit fabrics!!

  11. The picnic one would look great on a kitchen towel.

  12. i think my favorite is the one with the kitchen baking stuff. very cute.

    I've also been trying to stock up on I-spy fabrics.

    thanks for the fun giveaway.

  13. I LOVE the black with white lightbulbs! I also adore the Baking goodies :) Did you find a good pattern for the I spy? I am trying to decide how I want to assemble my squares ;) I need to get busy with it soon though. Christmas will be here before we know it.

  14. I love the tiny light bulbs, never seen anything like it before.