Monday, August 31, 2009

I-SPY update + patterns

Oh. My. Goodness.
Have you tried these?
They are the best! Thanks to Whitney who sent them.

And... I promised some patterns. And I wrote them.... but that's the problem.
I haven't had time to type them out.
I wrote them while waiting in the dr.'s office.

So here's the easy ones first. Basically a 10 block by 10 block square with a border.

And the bottom one is a 9 block by 12 block quilt. But you'll need to add 8 blocks to do this one.

Here's the twin sized quilt. It's basically 12 clusters of 16 blocks each.

And here's the medium sized quilt. It's about 53" square. You need 25 clusters of 4 blocks each.

I think if you click on them, you will be able to blow them up. If you comment and leave me an e-mail address, I'll be glad to send you a scanned copy of whatever you want.


  1. I'm telling you...I was REALLY proud of myself for mailing you the jelly beans instead of eating them myself and denying they were ever sent. YUMMO! Thanks, Whitney!

  2. My email is dkfranklin1 at yahoo dot com

    Can you send me the pattern for the quilt you are doing with yours- I love it!

  3. My email is, I love these ideas and was unable to blow it up. Would it be possible to see the twin and medium size. Thank you so much