Friday, August 28, 2009

Wendy asks for fashion input....

Hello friends! I have a dilemma, and I've decided to let blogland decide it for me.....

So I have an almost-6-month-old baby, which means that it's been over a year since I've been able to just walk to the closet and pull out something cute. Every day I get to play "What's going to fit me today?"

But shoes have never done me wrong. Through thick and thin {ahem....} my shoes have been by my side.

So as I gear up to try to find some jeans that fit and don't show my underwear, I'm going for a pair of shoes.

You see, I want a pair of shoes that is cute and a little interesting. And I like all the converse tennis shoes that are out, mostly because I'm a child of the 80's and I never had a pair of converse then. So I'm trying to make up for it now.

But please keep in mind that my everyday uniform for "work" is jeans and a T-shirt, which will probably have barf on it within the first hour of the day. {"work" is keeping up with my kiddos, my classes, my orders, and of course all of you wonderful people}

So, here's option 1: standard pink converse tennis shoes

And here's option 2: the silver metallic converseAnd here's where you come in, friends. Please vote for my new shoes:

(A) No converse! You're too old!
(B) pink ones.
(C) get the silver ones
(D) get 'em both, and a Hypercolor tee to go with.....


  1. Pink ones! Oh, and I am a size 7 if you want to order a pair for me as well. Love them!

  2. Pink ones! You're never too old for Converse.

  3. I like the pink ones!! :)

  4. Get the pink ones. I recently got a red pair. Love them. Silver a too flashy for daytime wearing.

  5. Get the pink ones and paint them! Canvas shoes are so much fun to paint all funky!

  6. Definitely both! The pink for daily wear and the silver for evenings! ;>)

  7. My vote is for the silver ones! I love metallic anything, and those are so cute. Looks like I am in the minority...

  8. Without any need BOTH! You HAVE TO have BOTH!!!!! You must!

  9. the pink ones...I want a pair!

  10. BOTH! But if money limits you to just one pair I say the silver! They would match soooo much more (that is my practical side speaking because I LOVE pink!).

  11. How cute! You match Carly. She loves her pink Converse. They wouldn't be as cute in a women's size 10!