Friday, July 24, 2009

Cookin' something up

Been working on some aprons lately.
I love monogramming. It's so fun. The best part is setting the machine and then going about my other stuff (tending to kids, feeding babies, pretending to be the gymnastics teacher for my 2-year old...), and then coming back to find it done! It's like having a whole team of sewing elves. I love it!
Here's a closer shot. I have to tell you that I took these outside on a windy day and had to crop out my hand holding them in the frame. By the way, we have a new fence. The wind blew the old one down....
And as much as I love the head chef / sous-chef aprons, I love a classic monogram. These are for my cousin and her sweet girl.

Next post will be about the quilt pictured in my header. Stay tuned!


  1. hi, i'm new to your blog as of yesterday. i was wondering if the Ispy swap was full or if you still have some openings?
    i think it would be fun to participate.

  2. As soon as I get 5 extra minutes, I can't wait to take cute pictures of Shelby and I in our adorable aprons. I LOVE them!

  3. Do you sell those head chef, sous chef aprons? I wouldn't mind buying a few!

  4. Yes, actually I do sell them. I'd be glad to set up an order on etsy for you! Just e-mail me.